Need to get it together? Connectivity solutions are what we're all about, providing you with the cabling to speed up automated processes, boost your productivity, and cut your transfer costs. Integrating your data systems effectively can increase your competitiveness and provide for easy growth in the future, based on the system design we install for you today.

The technology behind networking is changing and growing constantly. With the right planning, these changes can be a steppingstone to new strategic advantages, and not a stumbling block. We work with you to develop a complete connectivity solution that encompasses copper wire, fiber cable, wireless technologies, and the software to keep your systems running smoothly, from voice to data and multimedia content. Whether you need a phone system, a LAN extension, an Intelligent Building System, or wide-area network consisting of multiple locations spread over several miles, we have the expertise to design and install a Structured Connectivity Solution that will serve you today and well into the future.

Why is it so important to have a Structured Connectivity Solution? Because it gives you more freedom to grow and change through the use of standardized hardware. In an SCS, there is no custom or proprietary hardware for your backbone or physical connection interfaces. An SCS also utilizes a proactive design that plans ahead for problems and works through them, rather than relying on custom patches that may inhibit expansion later.Your future needs can then be well anticipated, speeding your expansion efforts and saving you money in their implementation.

Doug McDonald
Owner/General Manager
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